Logical Groove

We will work hard on your web and mobile app.

Focusing on user experience, simplicity and using the best tools, we minimize your costs and increase your product success.

What we do

Our team is experienced. We are passionated about what we do and we learn everyday. We've worked together on projects before. We have "a way" of doing things.


UX/UI design, Ruby on Rails

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UX/UI design, Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails

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Our advantages

We are living in a rapidly changing world and thats why we have a solid process and the right tools to build applications for web and mobile much faster.


Good communication is key to the success of project. In our team we have natural exchange of conversation bewtein all the stackholders.

Strict agreement following

We do our job according to agreements, we meet our deadlines, and we provide high quality results.

Transparent workflow

Our clients are able to track our progress. They can see in realtime on what every developer is working right now.